Rotating Disc Valves include hard metal sealing surfaces for handling abrasive,
erosive slurries and dry powdered media. Open body allows free flowing media and
fines to be displaced by moving parts, therefore no packing or jamming.

Process valves to 1500 F to 10,000 psig; 1 & 2-way-off; manual; pneumatic, hydraulic, electric actuators,. Construction of carbon, stainless steels, and other alloys. Used for reactor loading, lockhoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, vessel discharge, and slurry applications.
Bulk Material Valve to 750 F; 100 psig; 2-way-on-off; pneumatic cylinder actuator.
Used in dry solids dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying systems and for vent
& filling applications.
Diverter valves Process type 3-way for high temperatures or pressures; and wye pattern cast iron. Dry solids and slurries.
Boiler Blow Down valves Major steam Water tube and Fire tube boiler manufacturers include Everlasting Boiler Blow Down valves in their packages. Sizes 3/4″ to 2 1/2″;
cast iron or steel construction, pressures to 600 psi.

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